Unknown directive type "seealso"

I was reading documentation about notification email, and I thought that our docs could be improved adding a link to all the email settings.
So I created a merge request:

Now it is failing because it does not like the seealso directive.
But I did copy from the Party documentation, so I am not sure what I did wrong.
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with that code?

Rest directives can not be used in the long_description of the package (which is the index.rst).

Got it @ced .
It is not big deal, but How do you feel about adding a link of the email settings on index.rst?

I would prefer to have a full upgrade of the documentation to Tryton - Documentation Guidelines which may include reference to the email configuration.

I am trying to reference to the email configuracion, but the closer I had get is:

- See also :doc:`Email settings <trytond:topics/configuration>`.

But my idea is to refer to

There is this comment to add anchor on configuration.

ok. I am happy to create the anchors for each section on the configuracion.
Is this list correct for you?


I think we should have the same format as in modules so it would be: config-<section>.<name>. Eg:

.. _config-web:

.. _config-web.listen:

.. _config-web.hostname:

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Reading documentation, looks like you need add the label description when adding a label without section

:ref:`Configuration web listen <config-web.listen>`

so to move forward… maybe just create the anchors for each section until find another cleaner way to refer to the config.section.name?

They all are a title section.

ok. My misinterpretation about subsections. Test it and it works.
I review my MergeRequest and the first commit disappear… I will try to create a new one…Thanks for your patience.

This is mercurial, you must amend not add commit. Adding commits make reviewing a painful task.

Except of course if there should be two commits because it is two different changes.

I hope that with this second commit this issue gets resolved.