Unify contexts Financial/Charts/... and Financial/Reporting/

The following views request different inputs concerning the range/period of time:

  • Financial/Charts/OpenChartOfAccounts (popup “fiscal year”)
  • Financial/Charts/OpenChartOfTaxCodes (popup “select periods”)
  • Financial/Charts/OpenChartOfCostCenter (popup “start and end date”) [Analytics]
  • Financial/Reporting/BalanceSheet (fixed date …)
  • Financial/Reporting/JournalsCash (start and end date)


  1. From a users point of view, I cannot see the reason (exept a few, special fields) to have this different contexts. So I propose to unified approach to the reports, eg based on Financial/Reporting/IncomeStatement
  2. The charts within Financial/Charts/… are reports, why not moving those to “Reporting” and just drop the “Charts”-submenue?
  3. “Open” should be unnecessary :wink:

I do not think this is correct. For example the balance sheet is always based on a date because it must be the picture of the company.
But the chart of accounts could probably use the same context as the general ledger.

I guess it makes sense. And as they were created before the possibility to use a contextual model, they are based on wizard. But now those wizard could be replaced.

Of course once there is no more wizard the “Open” is pointless.

You are right. But on the other hand the feature would offer the posibility to campare eg the balance 2. quarter to last years 2. quarter (starting with the end of 1. quarter, not 01.01.), wouldn’t it?

Sorry, but I myself am not sure, if someone really (should) needs this feature.

If someone will work on the context(s) above, it might be a nice feature to have an option field “only show used lines/accounts”

I do not think it would make sense because assets and liability are still there after the period they have been booked.
For me such comparison makes sense only on income statement which it already allows.

I guess you are right.

Indeed we found that from our users its strange to have the Chart of Taxes under that Charts menu. This is normally used for tax reporting, so the name “Chart of Taxes” does not make easy to discover that. I agree that moving that into the Reporting menú will make it easy to discovert it but I’m wondering if we should use a diferent name to denote that this is for tax report.

Having said that, I do not have a clear proposal about what a beter name will be. So any ideas will be much welcome.

“tax overview” is my proposal

I created Issue 11496: Use context model for chart of accounts and taxes - Tryton issue tracker