Unable to use windows desktop client to connect to tryton server behind nginx

Good Day All,

I have a trtyon 5.8.3 development server upstream of a nginx instance. Although i am able to connect to sao through web browser, i am unable to connect to the same using a windows desktop client.
The client version and server versions are same.
I am getting an error of database not found.
Is there some configuration that i am missing.
All help is welcome

The desktop client default connects to port 8000, so if you are using NginX, that port has to be exposed and forwarded to Tryton. Or you add the right port to the host in your login window in the desktop client like host.local:80.

Please note that 5.8 series are no more supported, you should consider upgrading to 6.0 (LTS version supported for 5 years) or 6.2 version (supported for 1 year) to get security fixes for your version.

Note that we recently published a security update for all supported series that you server should be vulnerable to.

Maybe there is a typo in the database name or the nginx proxy rules are rewriting the database name in the path such that it is no more valid.

Thank you for the , help , it worked.
I completely forgot about the port which was pinged.

Yes we are currently in development , and will upgrade the server soon.

Actually we were not pointing to the right port , one i pointed to port 80 at which nginx is listening , it worked.
Thanks for your inputs.