Unable to enter a cost price

I try to enter cost_price for products but I get the error message:
You cannot change the cost price for a product which is associated to stock moves.
You must use the “Update Cost Price” wizard.

How can I enter the cost price for products that I have already in stock at the begining of the period? (I imagine that products that are purchased will have their cost price computed from teh pruchase invoice).

What do you mean? What period are you talking about?
Why do not you use the wizard as the error message said?

Using the wiazrd raises an alert with the same message…

I tried and I do not have any error message.
There is just a know issue between this wizard and the re-computation of the cost price: Issue 7273: Conflict between wizards "wizard_recompute_cost_price" and "wizard_update_cost_price" - Tryton issue tracker

Here is my error. I used the action “Recompute cost price” on the Product. I was not able to find an “Update cost price” wizard anywhere ;/
Could you please point me to it?

It is only available on variants.

Thks, It works. Sorry for the noise.
I searched the action with the top left search box but without any result.

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