UNABLE TO connect tryton desktop client to database

I am using tryton 7.0.6
trytond 7.0.7

server is able to connect postgres database but
while in client desktop gui fails to connect after submitting password in gui.
6090 6140702720 [2024-02-18 12:09:54,277] ERROR trytond.security login failed for ‘vishesh’ from ‘’ on database ‘tryton’

Did you create vishesh user in Tryton? Are you sure of the password?
If it is your first login, you must use admin user with the password that you entered when initializing the database.

uri = postgresql://vishesh:visheshsac@localhost:5432/

this is trytond.conf

i can see trytond session in my pgadmin application

also what do you mean by create vishesh user in tryton ? vishesh user is in database…

visheshsac is the password which I am submitting in desktop client

Tryton has a client-server design. So it is managing user itself so you must create users in Tryton. The database user is only used for the Tryton server to connect to the database.

How can I create user in tryton ?

At the database initialisation the process ask for a password for the default admin user. You must first connect with this admin user and then you could create more users.

Thanks , it worked . Actually I did not know that it creates default user admin while initialising database… Thanks once again for quick reply