Typi: The Tryton Package Index

typi is loosely based upon the work done in the django community at https://djangopackages.org/
The code is currently available on sandbox/typi.tryton.org: log


  • Highlight the different components official or not that compose the Tryton ecosystem
  • Communicate on the quality of those components

Point system

The current implementation uses stars to denote how a package is perceived, a simple trust system has been put in place in order to prevent spamming / false reviews.

I’m wondering if the trusting system should not be global. The more people trust someone, the more value his score has. The advantage will be to show meaningful rates for user who are not identified or who did not trust anybody.

In fact in the POC, there are two scores: the global one given by the aggregation of the individual scores and the personal one based on the user’s trusted users.

The global one could take into account the trust level of each user instead of being a simple mean of all votes.

This will make difficult for a user to understand. The system must be kept simple.

Thus there is no need to have another score.

We have decided to solve the indexing by using the Third Party Modules category.

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