Twilio Tryton Module


Tryton-Twilio provides SMS gateway for Tryton via Twilio service.

To use Twilio SMS Gateway, the trytond configuration must be modified to set in the twilio section, the Twilio credential on account, token and from. Here is an example the section:

from = +15555555555

To use Twilio gateway with the module authentication_sms, the trytond configuration must be modified to set in the authentication_sms, the function to tryton_twilio.send_sms or tryton_twilio.send_sms_transactional. Here is an example of the section:

function = tryton_twilio.send_sms

If it is a third party module and not part of the official Tryton distribution, it should not use tryton as prefix on pypi.
Instead, you should rename it to B2CK-twilio or similar.

No, as it is not a module but a plugin. There are other modules that use similar names. You can find some of them on this category.

Thanks for your valuable input!

It does not really matter if it is a module (announced as such) or a plugin. It requires a configured trytond-server and enhances authentication_sms.
As it is published on and not on, it should respect the namespace.

Always welcome…