TUV - Tryton Unconference Virtual

Dear Comunity

I would like to propose to have the Tryton Unconference on a virtual mode this year, the “Tryton Unconference Virtual”.
The reason for the proposal is not to lose the annual unconfernce meeting that is waiting for most of us.

Hi Eduardo,

THis is a great prosal but we need to agree on which format do we use and who will be responisble of organizing the event. I never did a virtual unconference but I guess we can have a host which is responible of inviting the speakers to a virtual where they explain they talks.

Also we need to decide how long will be unconference and if we organize some remote code sprint (as we do for local unconferences) on the days before/after the unconference.

Did you have any date in mind to hold the TUV?

I have participated on some virtual conferences, two or theree, not so much, however I guess we could organize this event.

I guess it coul be on August 15th, in order to have enought time toorganize the event

Maybe better on Setember because August there is a lot of people on Holidays.

So If you have participated on some it will be great that you share the details to see how they are usually organized. This will help to find the best way to organize oue loved Unconference.

My proposal is something like this

  • The TUV could be done on september 15th to 18th on afternoom, maybe from 09:00 to 13:00 on GMT+2
  • Code sprint on the afternoom from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT +2
  • We could use eventbride to the ticketing and amazon live stream for the streaming, and use also the youtube for it, the streaming could change but could be important have an initial idea

Also, we need a team

  • Organization, responsible of the whole event
  • Content Manager, responsible of the comunications and speakers,
  • Logistic, responsible of manage the tecnology and deploy the event
  • Press manager, responsible on the comunications, social networks, media

I could lead the team and organization

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I can help on the organization specially with:

Creating the required content on the Tryton website and publishing news to anounce the unconference.

The foundation already has a youtube account so we may reuse it. For me the most important point is still not clear:

  • We need a way to invite speakers to the youtube stream and allow them to share its screen. How we can achieve that?

Hi everyone!

Jitsi + youtube could be an idea.


why youtube ? Jitsi or bigbluebutton seems more appropriate for a free software event…

I am not really sure if Jitsy is a good idea, I have worked with it and I am not completely if it is enought for this kind of event.
However, Implementing it on a server exclusively for this event with enought resurces, could be a nice option.



That was the reason on propose to implement a live streaming, and share it to youtube

We normally use youtube because it allows to stream the event but also the videos are already uploaded there. So anyone whishing to know more about tryton can see unconferences from previous years. You can see them in our channel:

Why not? What problems have you found?

IIUC there should be only 2 o 3 people on the jitsy server and then everyone else will see the conference from the Youtube live stream.


I start using jitsy on the jitsy server, but it have some performance issues, then I implement a ser ver on my own, but was a litle expensive to keep it well running.

You are right, could be good. I propose AWS Live Streaming, since it is easier for me, but we implement our own jitsy server in order to use it for the unconference and share it to youtube.

Here are a few thoughts (also affected by the recent experience of helping with a larger online event):

  1. What is the aim to provide: is it one Stream at a time (I assume that would be the case)
  2. do you want it to be live or possibly (parts) pre-recorded?
  3. do you want to have some parts where more than one person is involved at the same time (like the code sprint … if so then you need some sort of video converence software or someone to combine individual streams. (in case this is something to do then how many people (with camera) would be uppper limit ?
  4. Do we want it streamed publically live, or possibly put it public later after potential editing?

The suggestion with Amazon AWS for transcoding and content delivery is not bad, but will add a significant cost at probably barely any benefit unless we want to target a large audience at once - and live.
Looking at the Videos from previous conferences I think it would be perfectly fine to have the event done in a closed fashion and then put the talks online later to be honest. This would make things a lot easier during the conference and the basic editing (cutting mostly) afterwards should not be too time consuming.

as for what could be used during the conference … I do like jitsi, but I think a server would be required to have it work reliably - which shouldn’T be too hard to set up and not an issue to run for a few days . there might even be some providers that offer hosted solutions. I can check that . Other than that it leaves things like Zoom, M$ Teams, Cisco, … none of which I particularily like, but it all depends on our requirements.
I wouldn’t mind helping out with the organizational and/or technical aspects … duno if I have something too meaningful to contribute as a talk tbh

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Looks great the information. This time I was reading a litle about jitsy integration with youtube live. Some considerations are:

  1. Yes, it is possible to use jitsy to stream to youtuve live
  2. Yes, we woul need a server implementation with jitsy in order to have it running
  3. I am not really sure about saved conferences, since iy couldn’t give people interaction.
  4. I guess public streamming on line in order on keep the online event mode

I agree abou AWS costs, I suggest it since I use it and looks nice, but could be more expensive that implement jitsy on a server along the event.

About the structure, I was thinking about the coding time, I need some ideas about it.

Thanks a lot