TUV - Tryton Unconference Virtual

Dear Comunity

I would like to propose to have the Tryton Unconference on a virtual mode this year, the “Tryton Unconference Virtual”.
The reason for the proposal is not to lose the annual unconfernce meeting that is waiting for most of us.

Hi Eduardo,

THis is a great prosal but we need to agree on which format do we use and who will be responisble of organizing the event. I never did a virtual unconference but I guess we can have a host which is responible of inviting the speakers to a virtual where they explain they talks.

Also we need to decide how long will be unconference and if we organize some remote code sprint (as we do for local unconferences) on the days before/after the unconference.

Did you have any date in mind to hold the TUV?

I have participated on some virtual conferences, two or theree, not so much, however I guess we could organize this event.

I guess it coul be on August 15th, in order to have enought time toorganize the event

Maybe better on Setember because August there is a lot of people on Holidays.

So If you have participated on some it will be great that you share the details to see how they are usually organized. This will help to find the best way to organize oue loved Unconference.

My proposal is something like this

  • The TUV could be done on september 15th to 18th on afternoom, maybe from 09:00 to 13:00 on GMT+2
  • Code sprint on the afternoom from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT +2
  • We could use eventbride to the ticketing and amazon live stream for the streaming, and use also the youtube for it, the streaming could change but could be important have an initial idea

Also, we need a team

  • Organization, responsible of the whole event
  • Content Manager, responsible of the comunications and speakers,
  • Logistic, responsible of manage the tecnology and deploy the event
  • Press manager, responsible on the comunications, social networks, media

I could lead the team and organization

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