TRYTOND_COROUTINE useful under uwsgi with postgresql

Noticed coroutine support mentioned, but am curious as to it’s dis/advantages used under uwsgi with postgresql database for tryton 5.4+.
Currently running 2 workers and 4 threads (reasonably light loaded).

Coroutine was implemented to support client notifications. Client notifications require the client to stablish a permanent connection to the server waiting for something to happen. If you used 2 workers with 4 threads each, it would only allow you to serve a few users because each of them would permanently using a connection plus the connections required to fetch data, views, etc.

So coroutine should be used only for those client notifications, in which a single process can handler tens, hundreds or maybe thousands of clients.

Not sure I explained correctly. Don’t hesitate to ask if something’s not clear enough.

Thanks, sounds like it’s something that is not crucial to us, at least for the moment, being a LAN only environment for 2-3 constant users plus [soon] a few occasional ones. Best to focus on other issues.