Trytond-console changes does not commit - transaction.commit()

I’m tryting to replace a product name using trytond-console inside docker:

Here’s the code

docker run --link tryton-postgres:postgres --rm -ti tryton/tryton trytond-console -d tryton

from trytond.pool import Pool
Product = Pool().get(‘product.product’)
products, =[‘code’,‘in’,(‘890201’,) ]) = ‘my new name’ # I realized that when I tried this the name value gets reset - so I tried without the save too.

transaction.set_context(user=1) # I also tried this

Honestly I’m running out of ideas, do I need to do something else? I’m using trytond-cosnole 7.0.4

After commit nothing happens, no error message, nothing.

Thanks in advance.

name is not defined on product.product but on product.template.

Silly me, thanks for the quick reply!

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