Tryton user chat - audio/video - thursday, 3pm MEST

If you happen to be around, just click the link below and either join in or create the chat:

See you next thursday.

Background story

On my way through the tryton jungle, I’d love to have some companions… The forum is extremely helpful, but some orality would be nice from time to time. How are YOU feeling about that? Should we try to create a virtual regulars’ table (Stammtisch for my German fellows) ? - A jour fixe, where everybody can throw in his issues and for sure benefit from answers to questions he never asked?

And hopefully, this could take some load from the shoulders of our adored tryton professionals, who never stop to do too much for this project (this sentence may sound ironic - please be certain: it is not!)

I learned about recently - but maybe there are even better platforms?

Here come some polls to find out whether people are interested and how that could be organized:

  • morning time
  • afternoon
  • evening

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  • tuesday
  • wednesday
  • thursday

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  • english
  • spanish
  • french
  • german

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Hope to meet you soon in the chat…

Greetings from Berlin,

You can use official IRC channels from Tryton. You’ll see channels in english, german, spanish and so on.

I think using the forum is better than a chat as it structures the information by topics and categories. The chat is quite informal, long and messy. Another option is to start a Tryton Telegram channel.

Allright, some people seem to be interested - so let’s try on next thursday, 1500 hrs MESZ, I’ll post a jitsi link in this place to invite. I’ll set my tryton GUI to English and ask fellows to do so as well. Let’s see what happens. Sometimes, soliloquys are useful as well…

Other channels certainly are a good idea - I’d even install telegram, if such a channel would be created.

Feel free to create it…

So we’re going to have the first video/audio chat today at 3pm MEST. I’ll post a jitsi link in this place. I’m a little excited whether somebody will join in…
CU soon!

Join in here:

So is there an active Telegram channel for Tryton? Thanks TelematicMan