Tryton Unconference Berlin 2023


Hello everybody,
I’m looking for features/workshops on Day 1, feedbacks and other ideas/input are very welcome!

  • one workshop (rather not a presentation) I really would like see is “Howto Heptapod - explaining/testing/using Heptapod in a sandbox”(30-45 min): Who might offer/set-up a sandbox-environment and do a little training session?

  • is there any interest in finding international retail tryton-partnerships for special out-of-the-box business-case solutions (using Tryton): if I get a positive feedback, I would dedicate some room to this

  • many modules are being developed multiple times, I’ld like to find a channel how our community might easier find and exchange on existing (non-core) modules. Who might be intersted in this topic and give some thougts to this?

  • I’ld like to give a slot (30min?) to the Tryton-foundation “past/now/future” to have o look back over the last 15(!) years, perhaps some statistics (hopefully growing number of downloads/traffic) on, major ToDos and by chance new goals (technical/institutional/…?)

  • workshop to find a community wish-list for new core-features incl. priorities and by chance a new way of sponsoring/financing :wink:

  • strength/weakness-analysis of Tryton, by chance in comparison to competitors

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For the first day, I am thinking about presenting the change on the handling of the indexes. It has been quite long in the making but it turned out pretty OK and it’s a quite nice feature in the end.


@nicoe: Very welcome, thank you! Some thoughts on the latest technical changes, e.g. advantages on the new handling of indexes, perhaps with outlook/discussion by @nicoe? Means: I kindly ask, if you could/would handle this topic?

I haven’t thought much about it yet but I thought I would present the reasons behind the change, the different designs that we talked about, the one that has been chosen, how it is used currently, what could be the future.

I can offer:

  • demo of the tooling for creating tutorial videos (lightning talk)
  • discussion about sample databases in multiple languages (to be used in the videos)

@htgoebel: Sounds like double good news to me, first we get the chance to meet you and second we’ll get an interesting presentation. Thank you!

@nicoe & @htgoebel: May we plan about 30 - 40 min talk/presentation incl. discussion for each of you?

TUB2023: 100 days to go :sunglasses:

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Yes I think it’s a good estimation

Just reminder to submit a talk, it is here: Tryton - Unconference Berlin - May 22nd-24th, 2023

Hi, we intend to go to Berlin. I saw accommodation suggestions on the event. Don’t know Berlin and need some advices to avoid losing time with transports. Is it better to find an hotel near the unconference or near the code sprint ? (in which area do we go out for lunch in the evening ?) Thanks for help :slight_smile:

At B2CK we’re planning to be somewhere in the middle (from a public transportation point of view). But we don’t know yet where we will go :slight_smile:.

I am also interested in this information, if we could not be too far from each other that would be great :slight_smile:

Our idea is to find an hotel near the unconference because it is more centric and transportation to the code sprint is available using the berlin S-Bhan.

We also plan to arrieve at Sunday night, so maybe we can meet on Sunday night if anyone else if there also.

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We’ve booked an hotel around the Postdamer Platz there is a connection to the sprint location with the S1 line and to the unconference with the U2 line. It’s also pretty centric so we will be in a good place to socialize with the locals :wink:

We’re planning to go there from the Saturday in order to do some sightseeing, I hope we will be able to meet some people during the weekend :slight_smile:.

If all goes well I should arrive at Berlin airport at 9:15 p.m. and ready to share a drink :slight_smile:

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We’ll arrive at Berlin airport on Sunday at 8 pm. We choose Ibis Budget near Ced and Nico’s hotel. (Ibis budget Berlin Potsdamer Platz, Berlin – Tarifs 2023)

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I’d like to buy a ticket and pay via SEPA transfer or direct debit. How can I do so?

Tito the ticket service does not support yet any of those methods.
But I think you can prefill a Paypal account using those methods.