Tryton talk at FLISOL 2023 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello! I want to tell you that I will be giving a Tryton talk for the community during the FLISOL event (Latin American Free Software Installation Festival) in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The talk will be for beginners and focused on the virtues of using an ERP in the company and how to achieve traceability of your manufactured using Tryton as such a tool.

Companies need traceability in their production system and Tryton, Free and Community Software, offers a framework to develop a management system that adapts to the company’s processes. In this talk we are going to present a demonstration of the system in operation with modules such as production, purchases, inventory, sales. Maintaining the traceability in the company of its producibles is the key to management when it comes to obtaining the information to be able to make decisions at key moments.



Is there a recording of this presentation?


I don’t know. But maybe you find what you are looking for in another presentation:

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Yes I am already finding some of the information I was initially looking for. I appreciate the response and link!