Tryton server installation on Ubuntu 22.04 & configuration help

I need help with locating a definitive explanation for installing & configuring the Tryton server. I followed an example onran these commands to install the server: sudo apt-get install tryton-modules-all & sudo /etc/init.d/tryton-server start. This installed Postgres v14.9 but not sure where to go from there to be able to connect with a client. I did begin following the Tryton installation docs but I am not familiar with setting up the supporting environment for all the python & pip installation steps. Does anybody have a set of steps to follow that will help me out???

Did you read the debian installation notes? From there you should be able to install a server and a client to conect to the server. Once everything is installed you should intialize a database. Once the database is ininitialized you must use a client to conect to the server and from there you will be able to start working on tryton.

I did begin to read the Tryton documentation but with the other recommendations for installation, there are conflicts to the correct installation method hence my request.

For the database initialization, does the command line trytond-admin -c -d --all from the documentation create the database to initizlize or does the database (postgres) already have to exist? My guess is it has to be created in advance otherwise how could the name of the database be included in the configuration file? As for the configuration file, is this something that is located somewhere in the /etc folder? Am I to assume the configuration file is named something like tryton.conf? These are some of the things that I’m referring to that leaves questions to the correct installation / configuration of Tryton.

The database must be created: How to setup a database — Tryton server

Wherever you want.

You name it what ever you want because you have to pass the path to it in the command line (or in the environment if you use WSGI).