tryton-sao installation

Hello community, I am trying to install the web server for tryton.
I have created the virtual environment under python, at the time of installing SAO, I have installed 6.7, I am working with postgres, when I run trytond -c -d database and I start the service it gives me an incompatible server version error.

I’m trying to find some information on why I’m getting that 405 error.

The version of Nodejs is 12, I don’t know if this is the server incompatibility error.
thank you.

When you run trytond, trytond is the webserver. What you are tryting to install are the files that will be served by trytond (the webserver).
These files (sao) are a program that is served, and then run on the client’s web browser.

6.7 is a development version. Please use 6.8, or better, 7.0!

You need to check what version of trytond you have, and you need sao with the same series.

Ex. if you have trytond 6.8.x, then you need sao 6.8.x.

If you are installing from pip, you will most likely get trytond 7.0.x.
In this case you would need sao 7.0.x.

The question is, where are you getting sao from?

First of all, thank you very much for the contribution, I just downloaded version 7.0 of sao, the problem that when executing the command npm install – production … gives me several errors that I suppose must be from the previous version installed, Since I assume that what is already installed is not going to step on it, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me or tell me how to uninstall it and clean it before installing this more updated version.

The version I have of tryton is 7.0 since I did the installation through pip

Maybe this will help you Even it talks about a production environment, you can follow it to get a test system running.

Other interesting:

you can also use the installer script from here:

The installation of the webclient is integrated in the latest version.

My blog post on installing sao might be of some general use to you.

thank you so much, I have already managed to launch the service with the same version