Tryton Product module - fields grayed out on the listed price

I installed tryton, and made all the configurations, now when I want to add products the field to enter the listed prices is grayed out and the error message is ‘’ The value “3” of the “Company” field on “Product Listed Price” does not exist. ‘’

It looks like your user is linked to a company that does not exist.
Have you create many companies and deleted some?

I only created one company, employees of this company and suppliers

How did you create the company? With the wizard?
Is your user set to the company? Did you refresh your connection?

I installed the company module I created the company with the administrator account and I associated it with this account on the sao web client

If you do not use the wizard to create the company, you must logout/login to actually get the company setup for the user.

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is it mandatory to use the wizard to create the company and associate it with a user account?

No but it is convenient to avoid the logout/login.

I suspect what is happening is that you have in the user context a company key with the value 3 which does not exist (maybe it was deleted). When you create the record, there are MultiValue field which depend on the company. So the server is using the company in the context to store it but it does not exist.

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