Tryton Marketing: News Evaluation

Dear Trytonists
This is the post about looging for interesting news about Tryton and its use all around the world. The news then get evaluated and most likely be promoted afterwards on our different communication channels as far as possible.

We need:

  • An interesting story (but not too much text)
  • some pictures (or even better short videos) about it

Thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:

There is already a place for that:

There it’s written that the news have the goal to be published on Would you mind me writing the pinned text a bit “more open and more explaining”? If yes, could you extend the write-access-right for me so I could do so?

The Tryton communication starts on The other media are just relays.

Normally you should have access to create topic there.

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OK - but we still have to extend the pinned text so one gets a better impression for what it is about (data and information to deliver, examples, links to whatever …).