Tryton in Docker container - Import Chart of Accounts

Hi. Had to re-work my entire previous installation of Tryton, long story. I have a new server running Ubuntu 22.04. I installed Docker but due to the boot drive being a 1TB SSD, I moved the Docker installation to a secondary 2TB hard drive. Installing Tryton worked the first time using this link: How to run Tryton using Docker The only thing it is lacking is the correct method for starting the Tryton & Postgres instance after reboot which is “docker start tryton-postgres”. Now, onto my question:
How do you get the US based chart of accounts to use with Tryton? Currently I have the minimal COA which, is not what I need. I remember having a choice between a couple different US COA’s. I thought I activated all the appropriate modules bue don’t remember if a specific module has to be installed or if I have to import them. If importing is required, the trick is being able to find the correct Doctor command(s) to perform this. Ideas?

You should take a look at the compose file which allow to define dependencies when starting services.

We do not have yet a standard CoA for US. There is a proposal to add IFRS.

The only way to add other module to the docker image is by create a derivative image using a Dockerfile.

I did see that but I’m not versed yet with Docker or the compose files & the article from the Tryton docs I used seemed a better fit for me.

I might have been thinking of something else when I stated what I did about the COA’s, been away from all this for a few months due to workload. Anyway, so until this is finalized, I’ll need to manually enter the COA entries?

If there is no existing module with a chart of account for you, then you must create it yourself.

Maybe you installed previously this module:

You will need to create a custom docker image and install the module there to run it using docker.

I could have installed that particular module, just cannot recall any longer due to circumstances that led to a new server installation. Anyway, I am not versed in creating docker-compose.yml files to perform the installation. Have looked around but no luck yet in finding one or mimicking one.