Tryton for local area network


I would like to know if it is possible to work with tryton on a LAN.

Trytond are using uwsgi on port 8000 and is accesible over browser with sao, but with tryton doesn’t work. I tried differents profiles, only and but can’t connect with the server.

I’m using tryton on 5.0 serie.

Thanks in advance!

There is nothing that prevent tryton to work over lan.

Probably the problem is related to some firewall rules or any external program blocking tryton.

I prefer to use Tryton on a LAN because it makes it a lot faster. Also the bigger companies depend on the data in Tryton and want it stored “inside”.

That’s a possibility, but sao works… Also check you trytond.conf and specifically the [web] section. You should have an entry listen =

How do you manage certificates for https with sao ? Do the same for tryton.
First, remove config data of tryton client because it keeps track of previous attempts.

I think is a trouble with Firewall or Antivirus, I’m working on windows 8 and is hard to work with it.

If I deactivate it, works fine.