Tryton for club management

I seem to remember that there was a solution/extention for Tryton for the management of clubs/ association/Verein. Can one remember what that was?
Or is anyone using it for management of memberships and ideally management of travel costs for members?

For membership fees: Association blueprint
I’m starting to work on it again (abeit very slowly) (Yep, I’m the lazy dev of the patch :P).
Associationd does not implement expenses reimbursment.

Hello Luca,
I read the thread, excellent, it seems to cover a lot of requirements already.
From what I understood is that it should work with a membership fee = 0 as well - very valid use case.
Is it planned to have the membership state customizeable? Like applicant, active, blocked, emeritus etc with according time slices?
Thank you (and the other contributors) for your work!