Tryton deployment in Canada, AB

Hello all,

I am planning to deploy Tryton on my family small business which currently uses QuickBooks.

My main question is if Tryton has a localization for Canada, AB. Is the accounting module ready for Canadian taxes and employees calculations, like T4 forms, etc.

Thank you for any help.

To my knowledge I do not think anyone has published a chart of account for Canada.
But it should not be too difficult to create one following How to create your country localization module for accounts.
For the taxes the GST is quite similar to the European VAT so it should not be difficult to define them. I guess you will need Account Tax Rule Country Module to define the taxes for each province.
For payroll Tryton does not have any module for now (here it is often externalized by SMB).

What is the meaning of SMB? Small or Medium Business?

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