Tryton 6.2 Desktop client could not connect to database server issue


I was able to connect to postgresql database server localhost:8000 but when after i change localhost to in manage profile i am getting message in Database field could not connect to the server.

Note i have turn off firewall and also could not connect to localhost:8000

Kindly suggest.



This is not postgresql database that you are connecting but to trytond server.

It is possible that trytond server is listening only on IPv6 version of localhost: ::1.
So you can put in the listen list configuration explicitly

Where I can find listen list configuration… Thanks in advance

I think my tryton database is corrupt. I m getting error in postgresql
“string indices must be integers” cannot open any table.

In your configuration file (or you have to create one if you did not create one already).

This looks more like an incompatible version between client and server. Or your are connecting to something else than the tryton server.

Listen list configuration I will check.

Client and Server version are same because it was working fine and i have not update the client neither the server till now. 2 things I did as mention below

  1. I change localhost to in desktop client to improve the speed performance. It improves the performance but I notice that desktop client was not showing the company.
  2. I manually insert the record in accounts configuration table from postgresql.

after this I started getting the error in postgresql as well I am not able to connect to database from desktop client.

In case there is a version mismatch between client and server. How can I find out the versions.

Appreciate your help.


I guess you broken the data integrity. Never modify yourself the data.

Noted. Now how I can fix it or is there anyway i can reload the entire database from fresh.

If you did a backup before your manual intervention, you can restore it. Or you can try to undo what you did.

Unfortunately I have not taken any backup neither I cannot undo as I am not able to open any table.
I don’t mind having fresh data but I need to make in working condition.

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