Tryton 6.2.5 Installing All modules in windows 10

I am able to connect trytond server to desktop client. I tried installing all modules through command
python .scripts\trytond-admin -u admin -c trytond.cfg -d tryton --all
python .\scripts\trytond-admin -c trytond.cfg -d tryton --update-modules-list
I am able to run the command without any error.
Even from front end i run configuration wizard but still i did not find any base modules to activate.
May be I am missing something.
Kindly suggest.


What you have is a base installation of Tryton with two modules (ir and res) always needed to get Tryton working.

To install the different modules, you have to do some steps:

  1. Install the module code which contains the business logic. Modules don’t come default with Tryton so you have to install them by hand. The best way to do is to use the same method you used to install Tryton. If you used pip, use for example pip install trytond-account_invoice. This will install the account_invoice module including its dependencies. All the modules will be installed in the modules directory in your Tryton installation. If you use Docker, all the modules are default installed. You can find the modules in the documentation where there usage is described or if you want a list →
  2. Tell Tryton that there is a module installed (default in the modules directory inside the Tryton installation on your harddisk). Use python .\Scripts\trytond-admin -u admin -c trytond.cfg -d tryton -m -vv. This will update your modules list in the database so the new modules will be available to the user. You can also use the --all which also tries to update the database which in this case is not really needed.
  3. Install the module into the database where it creates the necessary database tables, keys and all the other underlying database stuff. You can use the client for this, or use python .\scripts\trytond-admin -c trytond.cfg -d tryton --update=account_invoice --activate-dependencies -vv

Thanks I am able to install Modules

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