Try to import account.move.line

I created a new move and I didn´t introduce any line.
When I try to import lines from a csv I get this message,

“Se han encontrado demasiadas relaciones : u’465’ en account.account”

465 value is refered to the value of account.code.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Manuel,

When importing data from CSV the server performs asearch by rec_name to determine the target record for Many2One. From the error message it seems that you have multiple accounts with code 465 so this is the cause of the error. If so you should change the code of some of them to avoid the duplication and the import will work.

If you are trying to migrate data from an existing system maybe it’s worth to use a proteus script. The openerp2tryton one developed by B2CK is a good example

Hope it helps

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Hi Sergi, it works fine, I created new account 4650.

About Proteus, I only want to import a payrole move from .csv every month, and I prefer do it from user side.

Is there any way to change the default value to .csv Codifictation? the actual value is cp1252 y I’d like to use utf8 by default.

Thank you very much.

Ok, I already resolved the issue with Libreoffice instead Excel.

Did you know that a Move Template can be used to ease the creation of recurring moves?

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Yes, I know it, but I have mount the CSV file from the labour advice file, for me it is faster and stronger.

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