Trigger event scope

For a ir.trigger event of type “on_write”, is it possible to expand the triggered code to be executed in the trytond-cron daemon? Say for example I have a scheduled cron action that for speed reasons, caches in memory some large data from the DB that is mostly static in order to process some orders. So when the user modifies one of these large data, I have a on_write trigger to flush this cache. However, this is only executed in the trytond daemon, the trytond-cron never sees it. Is there any way to have the trigger event be executed too by the trytond-cron?

No you can not because trytond-cron is about periodic task.
But you could just mark the cache to be refresh and have a periodic task that process them.

Or since 5.6 trigger actions are executed in the queue (if it is activated).

Understood. Thank you for the help!