Translations for the 5.8 release

The Tryton 5.8 series is scheduled to be published on 2th of November. We are accepting translations for this series until 30th of October. Please submit your translations to allow tryton users to have the full aplication in their own language.

Do not forget to fix checks on to ensure all existing translations are using the right format. You can append the language as parameter like to filter the cheks of your own format.

As a remainder, we update our translations on a montly basis, so if you do not have time to complete them before the next relase you can continue working so we can include your work on the next release.

The tryton core developers did a hard job to improve Tryton for this release, now it’s your turn to make it avaliable on all languages.

I wanted to chip in with little translating but doing it online took forever so I wanted to download the zip file .
all I get is this 504 Gateway Time-out

The size of the project is not really intended to be downloaded for offline translation.
It is better to submit translations online.

Ok thanks. I just realised that I was doing it wrong anyway I was trying to download whole lot.
I can download zip from Tryton/language if I edit the .po file would that work can it be uploaded again?
The problem of doing it online is that it is massive waste of time since a lot of strings have multiple copies. If I get all the .po in even calc I can change all the same strings changed in one hit.

I do not know. I always used the web interface because it provides many speed up feature like similar strings, automatic translation and validation.
Also it helps with concurrent workers by preventing you to work on the same strings.

I have always worked online and I never had this feeling. Even if the string in English is the same, it must be checked for the language in each particular context.

Not sure it will give a good result.

Ok no drama I will keep doing it online.

Indeed I usually prefer(ed) to do mass and initial translations in the GTK-Client, too. Are you aware of the weblate command line client? Provided that API access is enabled it should enable you to download and upload files in a more easy way.
Disclaimer: I didn’t use wlc so far extensively.

I was not aware of it. Just checked it and I think i will do little bit at the time through the web interface. Learning new tricks is getting progressively more and more difficult for me and it seems like I have way less than 24 hours a day.
I will probably check it out later on.

The weblate web interface allows to upload and download po files. So yes, you can use it to upload for example the translations of a specific module. I do not remember exactly the option to do so but it is documented on the weblate docuentations.

Having said that I will recomend you to use the web interface to share efforts or download/upload a file for each module to keep the size small and workable.