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I’m stuck with translations that don’t appear in reports, especially for overrides. Maybe I missed a step. Could you tell me if my method is right? Is there a way to query the translation system, maybe from proteus, to test that everything is correctly setup?

My translations are organized like this:


    en.po # new terms added in my custom reports
    fr.po # new terms translated
      en.po # jargon terms changes
      fr.po # translation of jargon terms changes

When I enter a new entry in a *.po, I then update with trytond-admin -u my_module, then I synchronize with the wizard in Administration > Localization > Synchronize translations.

(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #2

Which msgctxt are you using on the translation override files? On this file you should specify the original module and id so the server is able to determine which translation should be updated.

Everything is explained on our documentation.

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Thks Pokoli. Yes I’ve read the docs but it’s not clear for me.

For instance, to change Height to the Thickness in product_measurements I have the following entry in override/en.po:

msgctxt “field:product.product,height:”
msgid “Height”
msgstr “Thickness”

I tried with

msgctxt “field:product.product,height:product_measurements”
msgctxt “field:product.template,height:product_measurements”
msgctxt “field:product.template,height:”
too without sucess.

I found no id (-1) on the original string by searching:


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I think it should be something like:

msgctxt "field:product.product,height:product_measurements."

(note the final dot).

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