Translation and keyboard shortcuts with Alt+first letter

I’m working on the Hungarian translation and have a translation specific issue with the keyboard shortcuts that are invoked by pressing Alt+the first letter of the button’s text.

The issue is that some words in Hungarian start with Hungarian accented characters, like ‘Új’ for ‘New’. That results in the button getting a keyboard shortcut of Alt+ú instead of the English Alt+n. Unfortunately, only the letters of the English alphabet are easily available on all keyboards which makes the Alt+ú keyboard shortcut unusable in many cases.

Especially order entry personnel require fast keyboard navigation like this for creating new sales order lines. The ‘New’ button is used there to start a new order line.

Do you know a way to define another letter for this kind of keyboard shortcuts, like another letter of the word ‘Új’ (which would be Alt+j, also available in the English alphabet) or just using the English shortcut Alt+n?

The standard action menu does not use Alt for action but predefined (and language independent) CTRL shortcuts.
The Alt is the mnemonic accelerator which uses the label string to place the focus on the labelled widget.
The set_underline function automatically place the underscore to the first letter. Maybe it is possible to choose automatically the first letter that is easy to type. This will require to have a method to know if a char is easy to type or not on the keyboard of the user.

I found a way to know if a char is a hardware keycode of the keyboard. So here is Issue 10306: Set mnemonic only to hardware keycode - Tryton issue tracker

@ced Woww, I haven’t even thought that’s possible :smiley: