Translate in portuguese

Can I start the translation language Portuguese-Portugal?
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I can add you if @fmorato agree as he is the only Portuguese translator for now.

But he is translating in Brazilian Portuguese not in Portugal Portuguese
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There is only one language pt.
And as stated in Issue 7845: Angolan Portuguese Translation - Tryton issue tracker we will add derivative only once the main language is fully complete.

I haven’t been very active, so that’s good but then much of the current translation would be removed. I think that in Portugal the UI words are quite different.

So @mdfpedro can you give me your username on and ?

I think it will be good to try to have a good common translation and then some parts could be customized in a derivative language per country.

Hello my username on weblate is mdfpedro

You also need a user on

The user is the same

@mdfpedro, you are now a Portuguese translators.
You can help to achieve 100% translated for the next release.