Toilored UI for Tryton Living Inside Docker Container

Hi Experts!

I saw a post on reddit regarding tailored UI for Tryton. Really interested to try that.
I am though using docker to test Tryton, is there anyway for me to take advantage of flask to tailor the UI of tryton in the docker container ?

I assume this is only possible for Tryton installed on Ubuntu or other linux OS, not in a container.


At B2CK when we do tailored application (usually using VueJS), we extend the “official” docker image to include the custom application which is distributed from the [web] root directory. And we define in a custom module the needed entry points with the route decorator.

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Also it is possible to customzie the look and feel of the tryto web client by adding a custom.css file in the [web] root.
This can be achieved on docker by mounting the css file as docker volume. If you are using the default values you can use:

docker run … -v custom.css:/var/lib/trytond/www/custom.css …

If you do not have any custom css you can use a bootstrap3 theme, there are some avaiable on the web. See for example:

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Thanks Pokoli!

I tried that, copying the free template from bootswatch but my whole web ui became black. lol. I only added a custom.css to the directory /var/lib/trytond/www/
Not sure if I did anything wrong.

Thanks Ced! Pretty honoured to see the core developer replying threads. This is pretty technical to me, but let me see how I can figure that out.

I took a look at ERPnext today, their UI is rather impressive. I am wondering if I can do something like that with Tryton.

No, you did it right, but you just probably pick a black template and everything was changed to this color. Normally you have to edit some rules to make it work on Tryton.

Thats a good point! Could you descrive which makes their UI impressive and what do you think we can improve in order to make Tryton look fancier?

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