To display max upload size

May l know how can we display max upload size of binary fields?

Thank you.

What do you call “max upload size”? And where do you want to display it?

Hi Cedric,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Maximum upload size refer to the maximum size of attachment which can be uploaded for binary fields.

We encountered same error and gonna to adjust the maximum size of request.

Can we display the maximum size of binary field (i.e, 3 MB) on form view, and the user only allowed to upload maximum 3 MB size of attachment. If exceed the limit, system prompt error to remind user that the attachment is more than 3 MB.

Thank you.

The size limit of the request is not the size limit of a Binary field.
Indeed there is no limit to Binary fields.

If there any way to control the size limit of a Binary field? Will the size of attachment count on the maximum size of the request? User will get the Request Entity Too Large error if we try to upload multiple attachment where the total size is larger than 2 MB.

Maybe we could issue a warning when modifying a binary field and putting data bigger than the maximum upload size.

But the difficulty is to know this maximum size as it’s defined in the configuration of trytond.

Not sure it is really a good improvement because it will not prevent any way the maximum size request error. But also it will need a new way to pass this information which may even not be correct if a reverse-proxy is configured with stricter rules.
For me there is only room for improvement on the error message to display to the user for this specific HTTP status code.