Timesheet WebExtension


Tryton has a timesheet module that allows to track the employee time. But it requires to have the client always opened. So the idea is to have a WebExtension that allows to easily encode time spend from within the browser.


Knowledge in Javascript, Python, HTML5 and CSS

Difficulty level


Potential mentors:


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Hi @ced
I am Harinder Singh, final year BE(Computer Science & Engineering) student. I am interested in taking this project and I am very well proficient with the required skills.

I have read mentioned Python Student Expectations and Netiquettes

As of now I am going through Tryton Documentation and reading on how to contribute and fix these Easy bugs as early as possible so that I can submit proposal draft.

I would also like you to know that I have the some projects using JS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Python which can found in my Github Profile. One of them includes a real time website [Project Name is KALANJALI].

I would also like you to know that I have been an active competitive coder and am familiar with various Design Patterns which may be of help in this.

I have gone through this project (Calender View for SAO) which also matches my skill set so i would let you by the time I have fixed atleast one bug :slight_smile:

Great. Don’t hesitate to come on freenode IRC #tryton to get help on the issue you will pick.