Time line of stock contents data

Hello friends,
how would I create time line data of my stock - ideally as a graphical display, or as numbers to be fed into LibO? Meaning: Whenever the amount of items in stock changes, a new number and the corresponding date should be available.
Hope I was clear enough…

You can use Product Quantities by Warehouse which is available as relate of product (see Product Quantities By Warehouse (Computer))

Thank you. I tried to find out how I can call that feature Quantities per warehouse, but finally have to give in.

Could somebody give me a hint?

I don’t understand your question. When I click the link, log in with the credentials for demo, I can see the quantities of a product named “Computer” in a warehouse named “Warehouse” over time.

From the product tab, there is a “relate” menu entry named “Product Quantities By Warehouse”.

Thank you very much, Cedric. I would never have found the feature there on my own, but it’s precisely what I’ve been looking for.
Is there a way to get out the underlying numbers to process them in a spreadsheet?

You can switch the view for a list and you can export the records as CSV.