Thoughts on inventory UI

Thanks to a very enlightening talk with very much respected fellow @timitos , I learned a substantial thing about the inventory UI which I never ever would have guessed from the layout: Doing the standard inventory (fill numbers in the last column - I hadn’t known that this is the standard method before) and using the “items counting wizard” (triggered by the “count” button) are two different things. Misleadingly, they are mixed up in the UI, because controls appear in one row: cancel - complete - count - confirm. One can understand that “cancel” is a separate thing, but these controls strongly suggest that you use them in the given sequence: complete - count - confirm. IMHO, “count” enters in a different concept and does not belong into that row.

What about this idea:
The “count” feature in fact is more of a wizard - so could we link that to the propeller icon only - and erase the other entries there? - Thus, both concepts are separated and the inexperienced user is not so much in danger to mess them up:

  • propeller icon: wizard method
  • window with control buttons: standard method

A word about wording. In German, we now use the equivalent of “execute” instead of “complete”. “Complete” at the beginning of a process may not be the best idea. And “actual quantity” to me would be a little more speaking than just “quantity”.

Indeed icons could help to understand: Issue 11011: Improve inventory UI - Tryton issue tracker

Hm. My message was not about icons, but about structure. That one is about icons (and structure).