`The value "Contact Mechanisms/Type" for field "Type" in "Contact Mechanism" is not one of the allowed options.` during import csv file

Hello ,

I want to import data reliant to the party. I have used the csv file.
So i created a csv file contain the “Name”, and the “email” which is the “type of the contact mechanism” of each party “Name” field.

This is how i had put the data on the csv file:


and those are the fields selected on the party:


The error displayed:

The value “Contact Mechanisms/Type” for field “Type” in “Contact Mechanism” is not one of the allowed options.

what does mean this error ? and how i can correctly import data and specially the email (contact mechanism) for each name party.

Thanks in advance.

In the latest 6.2 series you can use directly the “Email” field in party which avoids the need of using the Contact Mechanism relation. If you are on such version, I will recomend using this fiel as it will make everything simpler.

I made the test on demo using same data and it is working. So I suspect that you have some character that makes the “Type” value not really “email”. Looking at the screenshot, it looks like there is a space between “email” and “,”. (This is one more reason to not use screenshot but text).

It looks like you are trying to import the first line (containing the headers) as a party.

Make sure that the “Lines to Skip” in the CSV parameters is set to 1 not 0.

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Thanks M.@pokoli, M.@ced and M.@dave Now the error gone.

I have just delete the first line(Name,Contact Mechanisms/Type,Contact Mechanisms/Value)

-I have another question related to this thread subject ;
I want to add both website and email for every party name so I have choosen type and value 2 times


and I have written the csv like that :

website,http://websiteurl.com,email,testeurde@gmail.com,Mario Alvares

the result was that Just the email was entered with ignoring the type and the value of the website:


My question is what I should choose on the “Fields selected” to import both website url and the email .

Thanks again.

Indeed you can not duplicate the same column because in this case only the last value of the line will be used.
To fill multiple values for a One2Many, you must create a second line with all columns empty except the one for the One2Many.

But as @pokoli suggested on 6.2 series there are fields for each type of contact mechanism directly on the party to ease such operations.

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