The right way to start trytond as a service inside docker

Hello everyone,
I’m running trytond inside a docker container (using manual installation no docker image):

$ trytond -v -d test_db 

and then just I close the ssh session.
Most of the time everything works good, but every 2-3 months process randomly stops.
The question is:

  • What is the correct way to start or stop trytond, am I using the the recommended way?
  • do I need nohup trytond &?
  • Where can I find the logs or what I need to configure in order get more info about this process killed?

Thanks for any help.

Why you are not using the docker image? :thinking::thinking:

trytond is a delevopment server, i will recomend usign any wsgi server for production. For example the default docker image uses uwsgi but you can use another if you prefer.

You should use the --logconf paramater to set the logging configuration. This option accepts the path to the file which contains the Python logging configuration

Hope it helps!

Hello @pokoli, it’s because some installation has tryton alone ( for those cases I used trytond docker image) but others I’m using gnuhealth so I did manual installation.

I’ll check your responses deeply, thanks as always!

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