The history behind the heptapod migration

As was announced in the February newsletter we’ve migrated our development to heptapod. This means that you no longer need a Google account in order to contribute to Tryton and none of our tools are dependent on them any more. It took us 11 years to reach this point!

Now, one month on from the migration, we have more than 20 members contributing to the Tryton project, who have created more than 200 Merge Requests. These are good numbers for the project and I’m sure they will keep increasing in the future. :rocket:

Such a migration was only possible with the help of many people, some of which I would like to thank publicly now.

The migration was fully sponsored by Jonathan Levy (@jonl) who contributed all the funds required to create the migration scripts. Jon is an entrepreneur who has been working with Tryton since 2012. Mr. Levy says:

Tryton is truly an undersung gem in the open-source software world. It is beautifully structured, flexible, and reliable, and I continue to be impressed by its core community. I would recommend it, either as an off-the-shelf ERP, or to anyone needing to encode custom business logic for their enterprise. I hope the recent Heptapod migration, which updates Tryton’s old contribution workflow, will help Tryton flourish in the years to come.

Thanks Jon for your contribution and for your wonderful endorsement and best wishes for our project :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This migration also required lots of work from other people:

This is a clear proof that a good team and hard work can achieve amazing results and that there is no limit if we share the work between us, following in the spirit of open source.

I cannot end this without giving big thanks to everyone who helped us finish this important task. :people_hugging: Please also express your gratitude to them with some likes on this topic.


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