Taxes in documents

I see that when I make a draft, for example, the corresponding tax is not applied to me.

However, when I make the invoice it is assigned correctly.

So, is there a place where it can be configured so that the tax is always applied to any document (whether draft, budget, etc.)?

All the documents use the taxes defined in:

  • In the account category of the product if a product is set for such line.
  • The taxes defined for the default account category if no product is set.

In both cases, if the document party has a tax rule, it is applied when computing the taxes.

Such values are always saved when entering the document, allowing the user to manually update them if required.

For invoices that are generated from sales or purchases, the taxes from the parent document are used.

Then it is because there is no tax defined for the product or for the default revenue account.