Tax identifier configuration values not migrated

In this version migration, there’s also an automatic migration from some identifers to _vat suffix identifier.

With a lot of certainty, you will be missing the new _vat identifier on your party configuration identifier_types field.

You can check the ones needed to pick running this query:

select type from party_identifier where type like '%_vat' group by 1;

Otherwise you will have invalid domain records.

A problem with saving the migration was causing this, here is the issue and MR:

For me your wording is ambiguous.
My understanding is that if the expected rows of ‘%_vat’ records is returned, then I my migration is complete.
In my case, I used to have ro_cif, now I have ro_vat, which according to my understanding means complete migration.
Is my understanding correct?

The migration of party_identifier is completed.
But not the migration for field party.configuration on identifier_types.
If use that configuration method and you make this query:
select identifier_types from party.configuration
you will see the ro_cf instead of ro_vat.

So if you take a look at any party form view in the identifiers tab you will see ‘ro_cf’ instead of the typical ‘Romanian VAT Number’.

As you can see on the MR, the problem was a missing save on the migration for party.configuration.

I remember getting some errors while updating I fixed it manually as I presumed that I had missed some step of the upgrade. Thank you for the clarification.

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