Tax and revenue missing in Chart of Tax

a customer paid an invoice from the last year. I started the to run my stuff on Tryton this year. Because I am missing the invoice in the system and I doen’t want to create a whole closed fiscal year, I just created a move from bank to revenue and tax. The accounting is correct, but the chart of taxes does not show the revenue (tax base) or the tax itself.
The general procedure works, when i use an invoice.
Question: Is there a way to do the accounting without invoice so it shows up in the tax chart?
I can see on the tax code that it has a Type “Invoice”. Does this proceedure collect invoices to calculate the tax or the debit on the tax account?
I use the module account_tax_cash

Regards Jakob

Tax cash is a very complex accounting practice. I do not think it can be started in the middle without having a proper migration plan.

Probably that you did not fill the tax lines on each move line.

Thank you, that solved it, but it is kind of a tricky approach:
For other users: When creating an Account Move, in the Account move lines of the Account Move, you have to switch the view to the form for each line, go to tab “tax lines” and add the tax, the amount (the one of the line in probably most cases) and the type of line (base or tax).
You can as well include the collumn in the listview, it should show “( 0 )” unless you set it correctly.

German example with skr04.

1190€ Bank (1800) to < no tax line
1000€ Rvenue (4400) < taxe line German 19%UST, 1000, base (german netto)
190€ Tax(3806?) <tax line German 19%UST, 119, tax (german steuer)

Now the tax will be reported properly,

Happy accounting!

I’d in General recommend to use move templates, which (if configured correctly) already include tax reporting entries.

For German readers: Only recently we added this to our German “Tryton-Buch” HERE - I’d be happy for comments on correctness and understandability.


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