Taiga Project Management Tool task connector

Taiga Project Management tool is a Free and Open Source Software for Agile Project Management build on Python Django. Could be great to have a connector to sincronize tasks from a taiga implementation to Tryton Projects in order to improve Projects Management



Why do we need to use and external software? What are the features of this software that are usefull for Tryton projects?

Can we add some of this features as part of a Tryton module so we remove the dependency with the external module?

This repository is not publicity available

Is is public now, I just fixed the access

Taiga is a scrum / kanban management tool focused on agile project management, then some features could be focused on

  • Sprints
  • Epics, users stories and tasks management
  • Interactive board

Although agile is no focused on timing, accountant and administrative management who requires projects management for invoincing jobs requires timing and work sheets; having a way to sincronize it at this moment, could help the task for companies using taiga, import projects and tasks to invoice theirs projects

Implement these features on tryton could be realy great and a realy nice approach since agile projects and product management is a common way on manage projects on companies


I think Tryton’s project and Taiga project/task are working at different level.
So for me, it would not be useful to import all Taiga task in Tryton. But indeed I would see the opposite, a project is created in Tryton with the major tasks. And later it is pushed to Taiga to make the micro-management by creating the small task that Scrums require.

But anyway, I’m not sure this is the kind of feature we want in standard. We can not afford to support integration of random project management. And I do not see any difficulties for third party to maintain such integration out-side.

That sound really great, since could be really nice to implement

  • Create an employee and Tryton also writes on taiga the employee as user
  • Create Projects and tasks and Tryton writes them on taiga

It could make easier administrative tasks

That is true, however, more than random, I choose it since it is written on Python, is free and open source, have an active comunity and looks really nice