Tabs width in larger screens

It’s not been until recently I’ve started checking 6.4 changes (jumping from 6.0) and I see I change that I missed which is that now the tabs occupy as much space as it is available, making the cross for closing very far away from the tab text and always changing when you open and close tabs. I find that very annoying.

I did a bit of searching and found that this is linked to Issue 6121: Improve navs tabs on small screens - Tryton issue tracker and it was announced in the February newsletter with “In the web client, the list of tabs no longer wraps on large screens but scrolls horizontally and each tab entry takes up the full width on small screens.”

However as you can see this happens with larger screens too:

Is this a bug?

Why you think it quite annoying?
For example, on desktop client the cross always changes its possition as the size of the tab may be reduced if there is not so much text.

For me is the expected behaviour.

Because I need to “search for” the cross sign which can be in a position or another depending on the number of open tabs. En previous releases the cross sign was always right after the text which is much faster to find and does not depend on the number of open tabs.

It seems at least it is not just me, my collegues are finding unintuitive too.

In fact, this behavior is unique to Tryton, no other application I know of puts the text on the left and the cross sign to the right end of the available area.

I’m working on Fedora Linux and in the text editor (gedit) they center the text and put the cross sign to the right.

So maybe this will be a good compromise. Another possibility is to add ‘break-points’ in the CSS to add styles for different screen sizes.