Suppressing values for some rows in the Tax Codes tree

Some nodes in the tax codes tree, such as section names, may not have a meaningful numeric value.

Is there any way to suppress the values displayed next to these nodes and prevent the values being aggregated at a higher level in the tree?

For an example, see the screenshot of Swiss tax codes. Section 2: Vat calculations:

  • value 1,346.20 is not a meaningful value, it should be blank.
  • the value at the top, 2692.5, next to the heading Tax Code Hierarchy (Swiss), is not meaningful, this should be blank, it is just a heading

Not for now the tax codes always sum the values of their children accounts.

We have the same for Spain and its also confusing until you dig into the details.

Probably it will be great to show the total of the declaration (Sales VAT - Purchases VAT) at the top of the tree, so the user directly knows the amount to pay. This will mean that all the subtotals of bases are let to blank and just the tax amounts are summed.

I have put my TAX tree like that. I have one top-category and below that 5 subcategories. Each sub category have a set of TAX codes. This fully represent the form of the tax authorities.
Based on the type of invoice, the amount is positive or negative which results in the end at the top as the amount to pay. However because the government is very generous, we are allowed / must round everything to whole Euro’s and always in our own interest. So when I have to pay €100,95 the actual amount will be €100,-- The other way around for receiving so €100,80 will become €101,–

But that said, maybe it is possible to add a boolean section to the tax codes. If that one is checked, no summation will be shown in the tree. I assume that it won’t be possible to leave the amount column completely empty so there is just 0,00 there.

In some countries, it is exactly what you describe, you can sum all the values to the top of the tree to get a net value.

In countries where that isn’t valid, the section attribute or similar would be really useful.

I think it is a bad idea to show a value like 0.00 for a section: it could lead to confusion or mistakes. I feel it is important to make those rows completely blank.

Each sub-tree will sum to a net value. Those values can be used for the VAT forms.