Supply stock wizard and nested BOM


How is the ‘supply stock’ wizard supposed to work with nested BOMs?
I have the following cases:

  • P1 -> BOM1 -> is composed of simple products
  • P2 -> BOM2 -> is composed of one P1 and simple products.
  • P3 -> BOM3 -> consists of one P2 and simple products.

If in the configuration of products (tab Production) I do not put delivery times. After selling the product P3, I launch the wizard ‘supply stock’, I have 3 productions orders generated on the same date (P1, P2, P3).
If I put a delivery time in the Production tab, I only have the production order of the P3 created and the others never come.

Of course the supply period of the product is greater than the sum of my delivery times.

I would expect the production order of the most nested nomenclature to be created first and then the others based on acceptances of production requests and delivery times.

Did I misunderstand something? how should the supply and production work in this case?


If the first production request is planned in the past, this does not create the needs of other productions because past stock moves are ignored.
I guess if you run a second time the wizard, you will have a warning about late productions.
But I think we could improve the situation by planning production request at least for today.