"Supply Stock" wizard always results in a "Proxy Error"


I have a database with ~33k products and ~2k defined order points.

Every time I try to run the “Supply Stock” wizard, I get a “Proxy Error” after about 5 minutes in. Until then it displays “processing”.

It doesn’t matter whether I start the process via “Inventory & Stock” → “Supply Stock” or via “Administration” → “Scheduler” → “Actions” → “Supply Stock” “Run Once”.

It also doesn’t seem to matter whether I use SAO or the desktop client or whether I use “Gunicorn” + “Apache2” or “Werkzeug”.

I’m at a loss … What could be the reason?


It is your proxy that timeout the request. You should either increase the timeout or rely on scheduled task.

but when i connect directly to the tryton dev server (werkzeug?), there is no proxy - or am i misunderstanding?

after setting the log level to debug, i can see that the process is still running (thousands of sql statements) long after i get the “proxy error” in the client.

i have tried with higher values for different settings in the configuration, but without success:

[session] → timeout = 30000
[request] → timeout = 30000
[bus] → long_polling_timeout = 30000

any other ideas?