Supplier shipments: effective date vs planned date

Somewhat surprising, but when receiving a shipment from a supplier, with a planned date set but no effective date, the effective date gets set to today’s date and not the planned date!

This seems unintuitive and awkward adding extra data entry because the planned date is already incorrectly set to today’s date(needing correction) but is not even saved as it is empty.

If the planned date is not pertinent on the shipment level, then only the effective date should be set by the user.

The effective date is used to represent when the shipment is really received (thus it may be diferent from the planned_date). Having a planned does not mean that the shipment should be received on this date:
For example I may have a shipment planned for yesterday but not received until today.

Normally Tryton expects the user to enter data is realtime, so when you do a move it’s effective date is set to today. But we allow the user to edit the effective date just in case he is encoding moves done in a diferent date.

I think this behaviour is correct and it should not be changed.

There is the plan to prevent setting efective dates on the future.

I do not believe that this is in any way a reasonable expectation.

You are an unbeliever :astonished:

Perhaps pragmatic is more like it.

Maybe we could add a warning if the effective we set automatically to today is different from the planned date. This may prevent user from missing the requirement to set the effective date.
Also I think the effective date on incoming shipment should be set on “receive” not on “done”. Or maybe we should have an inventorying date.

Also, if the intention is to get near realtime… perhaps draft supplier shipments could be created in order to avoid the extra steps currently needed => click relate to shipments, ‘+’, selecting the supplier, warehouse, planned dates and so on. (Unless there is already a way to do this, something like in Oerp)

For us, the effective date is set on the incoming shipment on “receive”, the internal move has the effective date set on “done”