Supplier invoices change the untaxed amount

Hi I start to use the new version 6.2, and I don’t now why, when I validate the invoice for supplier the amount untaxed change the value
For example I have 100€ for base and 21€ for taxes and untaxed import is 100€ and total 121€, when I validated the INVOICE untaxed amount change to 79€ and Total 100€. somebody now what happending.

If back to draft all change ok again, and when Validate change wrong again.

For client invoice all works ok.

I think you have miss-configured the tax account, it is probably the same as the invoice account.
It should be prevented with Issue 11151: Using same account for tax than invoice breaks amount computation - Tryton issue tracker.

Great yes you be right, I changed in Configuration > Taxes [Invoice Account] and Ĉredit note Account].
Right now all works. Thanks a lot.

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