Supplier and Customer not displaying in view

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I added Party associates to Supplier and Customer. I am not able to view from front end but i can see the data in backend (Postgresql).

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I guess you mean “Party associated with Sales and Purchases”

This menuitem is cumputed automatically from sales and purchases. So it only shows parties that have been related to a Sale or Purchase document.

But If we want to see the Customer and Supplier master details then from which menu we can see the details.

There is no customer and Supplier details but Parties list which contains both the Suppliers and the Customers and also other Parties like Employee or Banks.

Parties list is not displaying from Desktop client but it is there in database.

Tryton client hides all inactive records by default but there is an archive-button after the search bar to show them.

Probably toggling the archive button should show the inactive parties.

Party associates to supplier and customers not displaying active records.

Then the list is empty because you did not encoded any sale or any purchase on the system.

That’s because of my previous reply:

But is there anyway we can see list of supplier and customer without any sale or purchase in case we need to do any modification before sale or purchase.

No, as any party can be a customer (or a supplier) there is no possiblity of seeing a list before the transacation happens.

Could you please share your use case? Which kind of modification you should do?

You could do it the way suggested in the tips in the documentation:

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I tried using the above link. Added category in Sales and Purchase party still no luck.