Suitable model to configure production for company that sells products with the same BOM in different packages

The scenario is a company that sells produces products on demand sold in different sized packages.

The current setup is that there is a “base” product associated with a BOM that includes all the ingredients and steps required except for the packaging and one product record for each packaging size with a related BOM with the inputs being the “base” product and the packaging.

This means that there are 2 Production requests created when a packaged product is sold, but this is very confusing for the users.

For me it should be solved by implementing the “phantom BOM” feature which has been discussed on Supply on sale with production request - #8 by ced

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Jus to clarify: Phantom BOM is just calling the explode_bom of each input product if it is also producible. Isn’t it?

Maybe we can can just have a checkbox on the BOM input to indicate that that product is a Phantom BOM.

Yes but only for some of them.

But there is also the case which need to have a solution. Sometimes you will use phantom BOM but for products that do not really exist so it will be good to be able to avoid the creation of such fake product.