Stuck with 16 pcs of product stock in output zone


I have recently started using stock for my company and I seem to be having some difficulty with undecided customers who place an order, and precisely after I Confirm the sale and the shipment the customer changes his mind.

It seems like I have created a mess with this situation, and now I am stuck with 16 pcs of product stock in my Output zone that I would like to move back to my storage zone (which in my physical warehouse is in storage zone).

When I create Inventory & Stock / Moves move from Output zone → to Storage zone, select product the do button is still active.
However when I complete any quantity the Do button is greyed out.

How should I solve this?

You should create an Internal shipment to move the quantitys from output zone to Storage zone.

I guess the quantities are there because you cancelled a shipment that was already packed. In such case you need to move it back using internal shipment.

Thank you Sergi, that worked.

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